The idea of a Tiny House, being in our late 20s ..& moving back to NZ.

What to do in our late 20's - we had made a decision to move back home to New Zealand from living overseas for  6+ years, but the idea of buying an expensive house in the suburbs seemed something too daunting and not necessarily what we wanted. We had always shared modest size houses with flatmates near beaches, only ever needing a small bedroom, and only ever using a 1/4 of a kitchen . We knew we wanted to reconnect with the native bush after being in the Australian red desert and major cities of the world. One afternoon we came across The Tiny House movement which appealed in many ways especially after seeing many in America and more locally Shaye and Tom's Tiny House called Lucy. We thought this was an achievable project in our scope to 'build our first home'. We moved home to NZ with nothing more than few backpacks, fast track a year and we are living in our dream Tiny House, with space to spare and built in furniture and everything we could ever want in a house!


In Motion : A tiny house comes with no commitment as to knowing where it may be placed short or long term,  but being mobile gives the owners freedom.

The HOW question:  After plenty of research we soon realised the world has like minded people all wondering how to do it? How to design a tiny house? How to build?  And how will all your stuff fit in the Tiny House? We learnt a lot from the community, and learnt plenty from our own hiccups and triumphs  along the way. Now we are living in our complete dream Tiny House with some spare time share our story  - Jasmine and Erin  

Once we moved in, we finally looked at the house like its our dream tiny house. No longer our project or building space which was an incredibly satisfying feeling. It also has far more space than we thought but this was a subconscious thought in the planning to make sure we had plenty.